Owner faces animal cruelty when dog dies after being left in hot car

Police: Dog in car for 2 hours, windows up

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Authorities were looking into seeking charges against a dog owner whose dog died after it was left in a hot car for hours.

Bloomington police said the dog died from a heat stroke after being left in a car Monday evening.

Animal Control officers received reports of a dog in trouble and locked inside a car just after 4 p.m.

"An animal can heat up really quickly inside a car and they can be in distress very quickly," said Jenny Gibson with Bloomington Animal Care and Control.

Police said they were called by witnesses who said the dog was alone for hours in the car with the windows up.

“In that situation you are the only choice between life and death for that animal, so if you walk away and don’t worry about it, than that animal can absolutely parish,” Gibson said.

By the time police and animal control got to the 9-year-old Labrador retriever, it was too late.

"The dog was seizing when the officer arrived, and at the vet, the dog did pass away from heat stroke," Gibson said.

Authorities said the owner left the dog inside the car for more than two hours while he was inside a nearby restaurant and bar.

"The warnings are out there so I don't see how people don't pay attention to it," dog owner Sherri Richardson said.

Experts warned that even a mild 72 degrees can be dangerous. Within an hour, the interior car temperature can reach 116 degrees.

“Dogs just sweat glands they just have fur and that's kind of our natural defense to it. So whatever we're feeling it's probably two to three times worse," said dog owner Marcus Burke.

The Monroe County Prosecutor was reviewing the case and police were reportedly seeking a warrant for animal cruelty.

"There are many different types of charges that can be brought on to people who do these types of thing, I cannot comment specifically on this case, but animal cruelty is a serious offense," Gibson said.

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