Owner of Belmont Ave. warehouse gets emergency notice of violation from health department

Matter could go to court if Sharp fails to correct

INDIANAPOLIS - The Marion County Health Department has issued an Emergency Notice of Violation to the owner of the warehouse on Belmont Avenue after the building caught on fire last Saturday.

The fire was estimated to have cost more than $10 million in damage, but spokeswoman Rita Burris with the Indianapolis Fire Department said that number was subject to change.

Keith Sharp received the notice to remove and dispose of the materials that were spread by the fire after asbestos was found in a sample of the materials released during the fire.

The notice said that Sharp was in violation of three codes.

Sharp has to hire a professional to make a plan to collect and get rid of all the materials that contain asbestos that are found on public and private property, the notice said.

The notice also requires that Sharp gives his plan in writing to the health department.

If Sharp fails to correct the violations, the matter could go to court and he could face additional fines.

Residents were advised to not disturb any remaining debris from the fire that might be found nearby.

“Touching the material, cutting grass or walking on areas near any material could release harmful fibers in the air,” said Chief Dana Reed Wise from the Bureau of Environmental Health with the health department.

Investigators finished processing the site Friday and were able to determine a point of origin, but the fire remains under investigation, Burris said.

The property was expected to be turned over to the Department of Code Enforcement over the weekend.

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