Papa John's pizza deliveryman robbed at gunpoint on Indianapolis' north side

Police: Robber stole cash, credit card receipts

INDIANAPOLIS - Police were on the lookout Monday for a gunman who stole cash and credit card receipts from a pizza delivery driver on Indianapolis' north side.

Indianapolis police got a call Sunday night from a Papa John's delivery driver who said he robbed while making a delivery to an apartment building near Meridian and 35th streets just before 11 p.m.

The victim, 54, said he was waiting outside a locked door at "The Llanhurst" apartment building when a male approached with a red scarf covering his face.

Police said the robber pointed a gun in the driver's face and said, "Give me all the money."

The driver told police the robber stole between $50 and $75 in cash, but he also grabbed a stack of credit card receipts belonging to past customers in other evening deliveries.

The apartment building is located next to Shortridge High School.

Officers reported no leads in tracking down the robber.

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