Parents cling to safety even tighter after two kids hit by cars in 24 hours

INDIANAPOLIS - Riding bikes in downtown Indianapolis, father Rhett Reed looks after what's important.

"(She’s) very special. I want to make sure I take care of her before I take care of myself," Reed said of his child.

When riding with family, he sticks close to the sidewalks and his 13-year-old daughter, Kamryn.

"When she's with me, until she (turns) 18, she rides with me downtown," said Reed.

Kamryn's decorated helmet is the only one in the pack, to keep her from making the same excuses about not wearing one as adults do.

"You know a lot of people think they look pretty goofy wearing a helmet, which I definitely do, which is one of the reasons I don't wear one,” Reed said. “But I've got to make sure she does.”

Indianapolis Metro Police (IMPD) said a 15-year-old boy wasn't wearing a helmet Saturday afternoon when he entered Fall Creek Parkway at 30th Street on a red light and was hit by a woman driving a Volkswagen.

His family says he has a broken collar bone, a broken leg and road rash and is in critical condition.

Meanwhile, doctors at Riley Hospital for Children tell police they're doing everything they can to save the leg of another child, a 12 year old hit by a car Friday night at the intersection of Southeastern Avenue and Shortridge Road.

"Typically when someone has those types of head trauma, they are not wearing protective equipment," said officer Christopher Wilburn.

“Oftentimes (it) gives us time to pause because we have children as well,” Wilburn said. “(It’s) just one of those tragic incidents that really hits close to home for me or for a lot of people.”

As motorcycles grab people's attention downtown this weekend, police hope news of critically injured children roars even louder, reminding parents when their kids' hop on a bike, safety should come first. 

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