Parents concerned after Edgewood Junior High School fight puts girl in coma

Ellettsville parents fear big bullying issue

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. - Parents in Ellettsville say more needs to be done to keep their children safe after a fight at Edgewood Junior High School ended with a student in a coma.

Concerned parents packed a community meeting Wednesday night where they demanded to know from school officials how the Nov. 2 fight was able to continue long enough for a student to be injured so severely.

"So your kids come home off the bus and say, 'I saw a girl being beaten in the hallway and she was down on the ground unconscious and they were kicking her in the head,'" said parent Michelle Ursey. 

Administrators say the student had to be taken to the hospital.

"The student who was injured was attacked by another student  in a hallway where there are no classrooms," said Richland-Bean Blossom Schools Superintendent Steve Kain. "It took some time for the staff to get to them, and in the meantime the offender hit the girl on the head and got her on the floor."

Parents worry that the fight was not an isolated incident, but is part of ongoing bullying at the school.

"They harassed her elder sister, 'We know who you are, we know who your sister is, we're going to get her for sure this time,'" said parent Cindy Chavez.

Friends of the teen who was hospitalized, tell RTV6 she now plans to go to another school.

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