Parents on edge about possible child predator lurking around Monrovia

Suspicious activity seen twice in 2 weeks

MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. - Parents in and around Monrovia are on edge after two incidents there in the past week involving a possible child predator.

In the small enclave of Brookside, 5 miles west of Monrovia, there is concern and outright fear of a possible predator lurking in this rural Morgan County community.

"I think everyone is a little creeped out," said parent Crystal Reed. "It's really a quiet place and it's kind of scary to think there's a predator out, somebody that would try and abduct your child out here."

A young girl opened the door of her Brookside home Friday morning and saw a man on the road standing near her yard and then screamed.

The sighting touched off a search of the area by Morgan County sheriff's deputies, who could not find the individual.

The incident conjured up memories of an incident last week when a stranger in a dark pickup truck allegedly offered a ride to a Brookside youth walking to the bus.

Friday, the Monrovia-Gregg school superintendent issued a system-wide notice to parents about the need for vigilance at school bus stops.

"He keeps coming back. So, apparently he's very gutsy," said parent Tiffany Alsepts. "I don't think he'll stop until he abducts a child. And from what I've heard, he's been over to the Homestead addition as well."

The Morgan County Sheriff's Department has assigned investigators to the case, while issuing orders to deputies to patrol the area when possible, particularly when children are moving to and from the school bus stops.

"That's why we're out here, trying to check the area to make sure the kids get off safe at the bus, just as a precaution," said Sgt. Mark Anderson.

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