Parents say Noblesville school ignored bullied son

Son suspended after bathroom fight

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - The parents of a Noblesville seventh-grader said that their son was bullied for more than a year and the school did nothing to stop it.

The student's parents said that taunts, racial slurs and indifference from school administrators ended violently and publicly when a video of a fight at Noblesville East Middle School was posted on several social media sites.

The two boys fighting were suspended, but the father of one of the teens said the video shows the culmination of nearly two years of bullying and threats.

"I came home to my iPad one day and saw KKK on my Safari and I asked my children who was doing this. He told me," Steven Patton said.

Patton said his son was defending himself after another student threatened to stab him last week if he didn't fight. He said other students blocked the bathroom entrance where the fight took place.

Patton's son said he told teachers that he was being harassed and subjected to racial slurs. He said he also went to an assistant principal and warned that students were planning to attack him and that nothing was done to stop it.

"All of a sudden, a whole crowd comes in and I'm nervous and people just wanted to see a fight," the seventh-grader said.

Patton said his son received a five-day suspension during ISTEP testing. He said his son kept the bullying from him until recently. He said his son's grades have suffered and he's become fearful and depressed.

"I would like to see the Noblesville school system change their policy on violence in their schools and racism," Patton said.

Patton said his son has never been in trouble at school before last week. He also said had his son not defended himself, he would have been badly injured.

School officials said there was no evidence of an ongoing pattern of bullying and no complaints were made by the student’s parents prior to the fight.

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