Patch to ward off mosquito bites? Kite patch created by ieCrowd could repel mosquitoes

DENVER - A patch applied to the skin could keep mosquitoes from biting people and ultimately save lives.  The Kite patch gives people the ability to become invisible to mosquitoes, according to its manufacturer.

"We’re looking truly at a worldwide breakthrough and we’re really proud of it," said Grey Frandsen, spokeman for ieCrowd, creators of the Kite patch.

ieCrowd said scientists at the University of California Riverside discovered chemical compounds that block carbon dioxide receptors in mosquitoes which is how mosquitoes track humans.

Researchers at ieCrowd were then able to make a non-toxic sticker using that research to try and create an anti-mosquito cloak that could last for 48 hours.

The patch is not approved by the Environmental Protection Agency but the company is preparing the first round of tests in Uganda, where malaria is prevalent. The creators of the patch believe it will be a better option than potentially harmful sprays or ineffective natural remedies.

A Colorado State University entomologist said he’s interested but skeptical about the patch and said he wants to see how the testing goes. The patch will be available on store shelves within the year if the EPA approves it.

"It's not a 100 percent solution -- nothing is. We want this product to be the primary product people use," Frandsen said.

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