PD: Donations stolen from east-side Indianapolis church

Theives took jars containing $300 in loose change

INDIANAPOLIS - Church members of the Faith United Methodist Church on Indianapolis' east side said they are praying for the person who broke into their building last week in order to steal hundreds of dollars in donations.

Pastor Cameron Manifold said he walked into his office last week to find his desk drawers open and the money gone.

Manifold said he thinks someone got into the church through a door that was accidentally left unlocked. The thief took two gallon jars filled with about $300 in coins.

"I'm sad they took it, but I'm hoping they needed it more than we did," Manifold said.

The money was going to be used in part to support church pastors in Africa. The money was collected via the church's Penny Raiders program. Every six weeks children collect loose change from the congregation.

Longtime member Marilyn Holliday said she donated some of the stolen money.
"I know people are hard up a lot of times, but there are other ways to get help," Holliday said.

Police said they have no suspects and church members said they are going to reserve judgment and  forgive the thieves.

"Gratefully, I don't remember feeling a lot of anger or resentment. It was just…sad," Manifold said.

Because of the theft, Manifold said the church in Africa will have to wait another six weeks to receive supplies.

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