PD: Men tried to sell stolen heifers

INDIANAPOLIS - Police in Johnson County are investigating after two men tried to sell three cows that were determined to be stolen.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office got a call Sunday afternoon from Rick Teverbaugh, who runs the Johnson County Sales Pavilion, after two men brought in the questionable cows.

Teverbaugh told police he noticed markings on the three heifers that matched descriptions he'd heard of cattle that had been stolen, and the responding officer was able to confirm that the cows were the same three that had been reported stolen March 11 in Hendricks County.

One of the men who brought the cattle to Teverbaugh told police he was approached by a man at the Rockville Sale Barn who offered to sell him the heifers for $800 each.

Police said the man's story had some inconsistencies.

No arrests have been made in the case, and the investigation continues.

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