PD: Peeping Tom who frequented Indy tanning salon faces voyeurism, child exploitation charges

Police: Nicholas Vegas uploaded pics to SnapChat

INDIANAPOLIS - A man who frequents an Indianapolis tanning salon faces voyeurism and attempted child exploitation charges after police said he used his cellphone to take pictures of women and allegedly a 17-year-old before uploading them to a social media site.

Nicholas Vega, 35, was a customer at EZ-Tanz in the 5900 block of South Madison Avenue, and police said Vega would extend his arm over an 8-foot wall and snap pictures of the person in the adjoining room. He would then upload the pictures to SnapChat, a smartphone social media app. In the app, the pictures disappear within 10 seconds, but Indianapolis Metro Police Department cyber-crime detectives were able to find the original photos saved on Vega's cellphone.

Deputy Prosecutor Jeff Knoop said that parents should be mindful of smartphone apps that can be used to exploit children.

"Everyone needs to be careful.  Parents need to be aware of apps that are on phones.  (The apps) can be used for illegal activity or activity that is not necessarily something that someone should be doing, even if it's not illegal," Knoop said.

EZ-Tanz owner Carla Wilson said that the safety of her clients is her main priority.

"I'm relieved. I'm more relieved for my staff and clients. I run an honest business. I've been in business for 13 years. For someone to invade a woman's privacy is appalling to me. I'm very relieved this happened and he got caught," Wilson said.

Vega was being held on an $11,000 bond.

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