PD: Woman pulled over by police impersonator

Man told woman to come to his car

INDIANAPOLIS - Police are reminding motorists to be cautious after an apparent police impersonator tried to pull a woman over in Boone County on Monday morning.

The Boone County Sheriff's Office said Patty Wallace was pulled over about 5 a.m. -- near State Road 75 and County Road 400 South -- by a man claiming to be an officer.

The man was driving a dark Ford Crown Victoria with a red and blue light on the dash, Wallace told police.

The fake officer told Wallace he stopped her for speeding and that she needed to come back to his car, police said.

When Wallace asked for an additional officer, the man went back to his car and left.

After Wallace called Boone County police, officers verified with both Montgomery and Hendricks counties that they had no officers in the area at the time the woman was stopped.

Boone County deputies arrived to the area within minutes, but the impersonator was gone.

"If we can find this person, I assure you we're going to prosecute them to the fullest extent we possibly can. We're not going to tolerate this," Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell said.

The man was described as about 6 feet tall with dark, short hair. He was wearing dark clothes, but there was nothing on his clothing to identify him as an officer, Wallace said.

Wallace said she shuttered to think about what could have happened to a younger driver who was too timid to ask for a second officer or what could have happened to her if she got in his car.

Campbell offered the following advice for drivers being stopped by any person:

-- A police officer must be in a fully marked police car or in full uniform to stop a driver.
-- Pull over in a well-lit area, if possible.
-- If you're suspicious, keep your doors locked and roll the window down only slightly.
-- Ask the officer for his or her ID, or request another police unit.
-- Call police dispatch to get confirmation of the traffic stop.

Anyone with information about the Monday morning incident is asked to contact the Boone County Sheriff Office at 765‐482‐1412.

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