Pet owners baffled by 'super fleas'

Some dog and cat owners across the country say their pets' flea and tick medicine doesn't work as well as it used to. 

And fleas seem to be showing up on their pets even during the winter.

Is it their pet? New "super fleas?" Warmer weather? How they're applying the medicine? Or something else?

Nothing Seems to Work

Dean Carroll loves his two terriers, Fred and Ginger, as in the famous dancers.

But the only dancing going on in his home is the constant dance of fleas, for the past two years.

"Fleas have been absolutely terrible," he said. "They were scratching constantly. We were using a brush, and every day we would get eight or nine fleas off each of them, and it didn't seem to work."

Carroll tried a spray in addition to capsules and tried switching medicine. No change.

So he Googled the problem, and found dozens of other pet owners complaining, some wondering if fleas are developing a resistance to flea medicine.

"I am not a scientist, I am not a doctor, but you hear about a lot of things developing resistance these days," Carroll said.

Pet Medical Mystery
Veterinary Dermatologist, Dr. Natalie Tabacca said several studies by manufactures and universities have found no evidence of resistance.

"We have not been able to demonstrate any fleas have become resistant to any product," she said.

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