Phony cop's dream: Four badges, gun swiped from car

Retired cop said thieves broke into car at home

INDIANAPOLIS - Thieves have struck a retired Indianapolis police officer, making off with four different badges and a gun, officials said.

The theft was reported Thursday morning in a neighborhood off East Thompson Road and South Arlington Avenue on the south side of Indianapolis.

A 58-year-old retired police officer found the items missing from his 2011 Ford SUV.  It was parked  in his driveway, and he told investigating officers that he thought he had locked the car, but for some reason the vehicle had remained unlocked.

Thieves reached into the center console and made off with his wallet, which contained two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department badges, a retirement badge and an old IPD badge, from the days before the  department merged with surrounding police agencies to form the metropolitan police department.

Also stolen were two concealed carry firearm permits, an Indiana personal protection gun permit and a national concealed carry permit.

The officer’s Glock 23 pistol, a loaded .40-caliber handgun, was also stolen from the car.

Police typically worry that badges can be used by criminals to pose as officers to commit other crimes, but this theft raises additional concerns because of the number of police badges that are now in criminals’ hands, officials said.

The value of the stolen gun was listed at $300.

Officers have no leads on who took the police gear or the gun.

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