Phrase 'white supremacy' scrawled on mirror at Purdue's Black Cultural Center found to be mistake

Police: Teacher wrote on paper, which bled through

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - An act of perceived racism that prompted a march for equality on the campus of Purdue University on Monday has been determined to be a misunderstanding, the school said.

The phrase "white supremacy" was found scrawled on a mirror at Purdue's Black Cultural Center on Thursday, prompting an investigation by campus police.

A group of concerned students, faculty and staff held a peaceful march through campus Monday morning to bring attention to the issue of racism at Purdue.

However, it was later determined that a professor who was teaching a race relations seminar had written the offensive phrase with a marker on a large sticky note, which then bled through to the mirror, police said.

Tyrell Connor, who marched Monday, said more needs to be done at Purdue.

"We were aware that the case was still under investigation, and are happy that this particular case was not an act of hate, but we were marching for ALL the acts of hate, not just one," he said in an email.

The phrase has since been removed.

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