Pike HS head football coach suspended after video goes viral

Locker room video contained vulgar language

INDIANAPOLIS - Pike High School football coach Derek Moyers was suspended after a viral video surfaced showing his team using vulgar language in the locker room.

The 15-second video was taken by a player in the locker room last Friday night.

Moyers said one of the players took the cellphone video, but he said as a head coach, he takes responsibility for what happened.

"The lyrics I don't condone, but I think the boys were just celebrating. They were caught up in the excitement of things," Moyers said.

He said none of the coaches were inside the locker room, and that was a big part of the problem. He said if they had been there, the controversial video never would have happened.

"I have a responsibility to supervise our athletes, and in this situation I did not, and with that comes some consequences so those consequences are handed down and I have to accept them," Moyers said. "You know our kids made a bad choice, our coaches made a bad choice, I made a bad choice, we've all learned from it, we're gonna move on and we're gonna do our best not to make this mistake again."

Moyers did not talk about any punishments that were handed down to the players, but he did say there are rules about social media and those rules were violated.

Parents like Mananna Allen used the incident as a teachable moment for her son who plays on the team.

"We've always told him anything you put on social media is going to be there forever, so you have to be mindful about the words that you use, the things that you post and things like that," Allen said.

Moyers is a 20-year coaching veteran and has led the Pike Red Devils for seven years.

Pike went on to defeat Ben Davis 34-32 Friday evening. When players were awarded the Sectional trophy, they said they were going to take the trophy back to Coach Moyers.

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