Pipe Creek Elementary has 8 sets of twins entering kindergarten

PERU, Ind. - A Peru elementary school has a rather unique addition to its student body this year: eight sets of twins.

Pipe Creek Elementary Principal Laura Fulton said she was shocked when she took a look at this year's roster of incoming kindergarten students.

"We were up to two, three, four, five, six sets of twins and we thought, 'No way. Something must be amiss here,'" she said. "It was just unusual, and by the time we finished up that week we had eight sets of twins registered for kindergarten."

Nearly 15 percent of this year's 108-student kindergarten class is composed of twins. But twins Mayah and Madison Brennan said they wouldn't have it any other way.

"She's cool," Mayah said of her sister. "She plays with me."

One of the sets of twins, Lauren and Lacy Ramos, even has a pair of fifth-grade twin siblings. They said they feel sorry for their baby sister, who isn't a twin.

 "Is there something in the water here?" said Fulton. "There may be. We've heard that joke. Something must be in the water. I can't tell where they all came from. You may want to avoid Miami County."

For now, school officials have decided not to separate pairs of twins, keeping them in the same kindergarten class as their sibling. With 12 years left of school to go before graduation though, the schools said either they, or the twins themselves, may eventually decide a little space isn't a bad thing. 

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