Pizza delivery man pulls gun after fight with customer over gratuity

No charges filed; Police say action justified

INDIANAPOLIS - An east Indianapolis man called police, complaining that a pizza delivery driver whipped out a gun after being denied a tip. However, when police got the rest of the story, they said no charges would be filed.

The unusual drama played out in a neighborhood along East Washington Street and South Emerson Avenue around 8:20 on Thursday night.

A 50-year-old man called police to his home, saying he was angry that his pizza arrived more than 90 minutes after he ordered it. He told officers he let the delivery driver know there would be no tip and that’s when things turned uglier.

Police write in their report that the customer heard the pizza driver make a comment in response to getting no tip, so he told police he ran back outside to “confront” the driver.

When officers headed for the neighborhood pizza business to get the other side of the story, the 58-year-old delivery driver was eager to share it.

The pizza shop manager and other employees said the customer was irate as he called twice to complain about the late pizza. On his second call, they told officers they even offered to make his next order half-price.

The delivery driver holds a valid license to carry a handgun, police said. The driver said the angry customer rushed toward him even after being told to back off. The driver told police he feared for his life so he drew his weapon and pointed it, thus ending the confrontation.

The police report lists that neither participant in the argument was charged with a crime.

The pizza shop manager said she told the customer there would be a wait of at least an hour when he placed the order.

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