Plenty of snow, no snow blowers

Stores report difficulty keeping blowers in stock

INDIANAPOLIS - Severe winter weather has meant stores have had trouble keeping items on shelves – and that's proven especially true for snow blowers.

Ron Richardson was lucky enough to find a blower on the sales floor of a Tractor Supply. The snow blower had only been on the floor for 10 minutes before Richardson snapped it up.

It's a purchase Richardson said he'd been considering for eight years.

"For the last few weeks I've been going out three or four times a day just to keep up with [the snow]," Richardson said. "Finally, I just got tired of shoveling it."

Store order sheets highlight the trouble retailers are having keeping seasonal equipment in salt.

"That's unusual for Tractor Supply," said Ed Massaro, a manager for Tractor Supply. "Normally we have everything in that line of goods, you know, and it's just been a supply and demand issue."

It's the same issue other hardware stores are having; many are selling equipment as fast as it comes in, and some suppliers have stopped building snow blowers for the season.

Hardware stores say they are prioritizing repairs on any snow blowers that come in, adding that they try to get them back to their owners in working order in 24 hours or less.

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