Plumbers flooded with calls of burst pipes

Freezings temps cause water lines to burst

INDIANAPOLIS - Plumbers were busy across Indiana on Wednesday responding to service calls after freezing temperatures wreaked havoc on water lines and caused pipes to burst.

Plumbers say the key to avoiding the expensive maintenance lies with the sink itself.

Plumber Aaron Flowers said the issue occurs when water inside a pipe freezes and expands, putting too much pressure on the line.

Several homes and businesses saw several ruptures or broken water mains and had to evacuate or close, including the IU School of Dentistry, The Boys and Girls Club in Lebanon and part of City Market.

"If you leave your faucets running, that will keep the water moving so it helps not to freeze up your pipes," Flowers said.

Experts agree that letting faucets run at a trickle will relieve the pressure on the line and keep the water from freezing. Water bills may go up a little bit, but it is nothing compared to the price of replacing a broken pipe.

In some cases, a broken pipe also means new dry wall and carpeting too.

Express Restorations President Robert Turner said his phone has not stopped ringing since early Monday morning.

Turner said connections to outside hoses are the most vulnerable in freezing weather.

"Any exterior walls that have pipes in them are going to be susceptible to pipes bursting," Turner said.

Turner said it is a good idea for homeowners to detach their water hose and even cover the outside valve.

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