Police cite 187 during Little 500 weekend

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana Excise Police arrested 187 people over the weekend during Bloomington's annual Little 500 event – almost all on alcohol related charges.

In a release issued Sunday, police said they arrested 155 people for illegal possession or consumption of an alcoholic beverage, and 17 for furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor.

Most of those arrested were issued a summons and release, police said, and were eligible for Monroe County's pretrial diversion program on Sunday. After a morning filling out paperwork, an afternoon performing community service by picking up trash and an evening spent in an alcohol education class, successful completion of the program would result in dismissed charges after one year. The cost of the program is $425.

Excise police also arrested a 20-year-old Mooresville man after he was allegedly walking down Lincoln Street in Bloomington yelling that he had "Vicodin and Xanax" for sale.

According to the release, the man, identified as Joshua Kenney, allegedly walked up to plainclothes excise officers, tapped them on the arm and asked if they would like to "purchase some pills."

Police said they found a plastic bag containing marijuana and nine hydrocodone pills in Kenney's pockets.

In West Lafayette, excise police cited 38 individuals this weekend during Purdue University's Grand Prix event.


The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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