Police find barefoot 3-year-old in cold hotel room with hypodermic needles, trash

Father arrested on neglect charge

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - A father is facing neglect charges after his 3-year-old son was found barefoot in a hotel room that was below 20 degrees, police said.

Zachary Frame, 23, of Monroe County was arrested Thursday at the University Inn in Bloomington.

Bloomington Police said Frame, his 3-year-old son and two other adults were trespassing in an unheated portion of the hotel that was closed.

A hotel clerk called police after seeing a woman being pushed through the window of the hotel room.

Officers said the temperature in the room was below 20 degrees, and the child was barefoot.

Police said they found used hypodermic needles, discarded food and trash in the hotel room.

Frame could face other charges in addition to a child neglect charge, police said. The other two adults in the room were not arrested.

The child is currently with his mother.

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