Police find loaded gun in student's locker at middle school

Student taken from school by IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS - School security found a loaded handgun in a middle school student's locker Thursday, officials confirm.

Metro police responded to Chapel Hill 7th and 8th Grade Center in Wayne Township, where the loaded firearm was found in the locker of a 12-year-old male student.

Wayne Township spokeswoman Mary McDermott Lang told RTV6 school security found the gun while looking in the student's locker for an electronic device that had been reported stolen by another student.

"At that point, administrators had enough reason through their investigation to search that suspected student's locker," Lang said. "The fact that it was loaded raised our concern. The fortunate thing is that it was discovered when it was and nobody was hurt."

School security called IMPD upon finding the firearm, and the student with the gun in his locker was taken from school by Metro police.

Parents of the school's students were notified about the incident by automated phone calls, and administrators sent a letter home with students.

"Encouraging them (parents) to encourage their children, their student, to let them know if they see anything suspicious going on on campus, anything at all, tell them or tell an adult," Lang said.

Ryan Thompson, who has a child attending the school, said parents are concerned.

"Parents are scared right now, I guarantee," he said. "I know I was a little rattled. My wife is rattled. Hopefully they can get it resolved real fast."

The 12-year-old is facing charges of having a firearm on school property and possessing a handgun without a license.  

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