Police focused on Robert Leonard's connection to Richmond Hill explosion

INDIANAPOLIS - As police looked for evidence in the Richmond Hill explosion that killed two people and damaged or destroyed dozens of homes, they began zeroing in on Robert Leonard Jr., 53, brother of Mark Leonard, who lived in the home where the blast originated.

A stack of police reports painted quite a picture of Robert Leonard, whose trailer home was raided by a police SWAT unit on Nov. 20.

Leonard's encounters with police were varied.

In 2005, police visited Leonard's home to check out a report that he was stealing cable, but there were more serious incidents.

He was arrested on a battery charged in 1988, and police said he was assaulted by his girlfriend in 2005 and 2006, when investigators said she was high on crack.

In 2009, the same girlfriend obtained a restraining order against Leonard, and police were called when the radiator hoses of two of her cars were cut.

She told police that Leonard was on a security camera casing the home and trying to listen through walls.

Leonard has been in prison twice, both times involving stolen car cases in 1992 and 1996. Investigators said he was caught behind the wheel of one stolen car with its steering column punched.

The attorney representing Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard previously said that he wasn't close with his brother, but he did some work at a motel being watched by Mark Leonard.

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