Police: Naked man carrying drugs was jumping on cars at stoplight

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man is facing multiple charges after witnesses told police he spent his morning nakedly jumping on cars at a stoplight downtown, all the while carrying a bag with illegal drugs inside.

Indianapolis police said at roughly noon Monday, officers were sent to the 3200 block of East New York Street after people reported a man who was exposing himself. A witness told police he had seen a black man flashing his privates and doing odd things.

The witness told police he had been in his truck, stopped at a red light, when the man jumped onto the truck fully nude. The witness said he yelled at the man to get off his truck, and the man did. The witness said, however, that in his rear view mirror afterward he saw the naked man jump on another car. The man reportedly put his black sweatpants on and walked off.

Officers said they couldn’t find the man in the area at first, but with the description given by the witness they were able to find him crossing the street a block or two away -- especially when they noticed the man’s black sweatpants sagging so low that his entire behind was showing.

Officers said they also saw the jacket and tank top witnesses described lying on the ground across the street from the man, directly where he would have been crossing from a moment before. As they approached him, they said he tossed a bag to the ground.

When officers asked the man, later identified as Michael E. Copeland, 37, to pull his pants back up, Copeland reportedly seemed to be confused and mumbled a response. Because he was disoriented and a rather large man, officers wanted to be sure he was not in a position to attack. They said he was put on the ground and later arrested.

Police said they found cocaine and marijuana in the bag Copeland had thrown to the ground, and Copeland admitted it was his.

He wasn’t as cooperative with getting into the police vehicle, though. Copeland reportedly refused to get in, so his ankles were put in chains and he was forced inside. It took several men to lift him into the wagon, police said.

Copeland was arrested and preliminarily charged with one count of possession of cocaine, one count of possession of marijuana and one count of public indecency.

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