Police investigate after family dog found dead, covered with motor oil

Owner said nobody ever complained about dog

COLUMBUS, Ind. - A Columbus woman said someone killed her dog in her own back yard in what she calls a deliberate act of cruelty.

Police were investigating the unusual circumstances that led to Jodie Coomer coming home from work and finding one of her three dogs lifeless and covered in motor oil.

Coomer said a person, or persons, came into her back yard while she was at work Monday and killed her dog.

The cause of death was unknown, but Coomer and her family want to know why the dog was covered in motor oil.

“She was rubbing his back and it was so saturated that it had gone through to his skin and his skin was brown and his fur actually slid and lifted up off of his skin,” Coomer said.

Coomer called officers with the Columbus Police Department to her house that night to investigate. 

“They said they don’t think (it was) the oil, it would take a lot of oil to kill him, but they feel that they might have gave him something else and poisoned (him) or something to keep him where he was at,” Coomer said.

A detective was assigned to the case to help find the answers.

"She stated she didn't know of anybody that was aggravated and she said she hadn't had any problem with anybody complaining about the animal, so at this point, we really don't have any leads or suspects, " said Lt. Matt Myers with Columbus police.

There is a reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

A local car dealer in Columbus even added $500 to the reward money after reading about what happened to the dog on social media.

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