Police investigate shooting, car crash into building on Indianapolis' south side

Justin Huffins, 29, expected to survive

INDIANAPOLIS - A man was shot, causing his car to careen into an apartment building on Indianapolis' south side Friday, police said.

The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. at 4304 Declaration Drive, near South Meridian Street and Hanna Avenue at the Capitol City Apartments complex.

Police said Justin Huffins, 29, was shot in the face while sitting inside his car in the complex's parking lot.

Two young children were in the back seat of the car, investigators said. The children were unharmed.

Police said after being shot, Huffins accelerated, driving through the outside wall of the apartment building.

Two residents of the complex told police they heard two gunshots then a loud boom.

The two residents, Joshua Andrews and Shane Zook, said they ran downstairs and saw the car in the building with its wheels still turning, police said.

Andrews and Zook told investigators they turned the car off, removed the children from the car and called 911.

"Right when I came out the door, there was a big cloud of smoke coming from the inside of the house, and a car was sitting inside with two babies in it," Andrews said. "We had to get them babies out of the car."

The witnesses said the victim was bleeding profusely and complained of trouble breathing, and they gave him a cloth to compress the wound, police said.

Zook said he was shaken by what he saw.

"I've got kids. And for the way that he got shot, it had to be point blank range. Because the glass that's sitting there, it's from his driver side window," Zook said. "So it had to be point blank. They had to see the kids."

Huffins was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital, and he is expected to survive.

The car crashed through the apartment of Rolando Alvarez. Police found his dog Poncho hiding beneath the sofa. The only thing that saved Alvarez, was an 8 a.m. call to work.

"Thank God I went to work," Alvarez said. "Because right there where the car is, is where I sleep. It's where my bed is... I feel like I'm born again."

Witnesses reported seeing two black males running south from the complex, but police have not confirmed that report.

Investigators found a bullet in the parking lot. Police said the motive for the shooting is not known at this time.

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