Police investigate theft of $250K worth of cognac stolen from southwest-side trucking company

Thieves took entire shipping container

INDIANAPOLIS - Police are investigating after an entire container of Hennessy Cognac, valued at a quarter million dollars, was stolen from a southwest-side trucking company.

Metro police said 1,568 cases of high-end cognac were taken Sunday morning from a trucking company in the 1900 block of Kentucky Avenue.

Surveillance video shows the suspects arriving at the front gate at 4 a.m. Sunday in their own cab truck.

They pulled inside, by-passing more than 100 containers. At the back of the lot, they hitched a container to the cab and then drove out.

Including breaking through the front gate, the entire heist took less than eight minutes.

Metro police said this is one of the largest and most expensive thefts they've seen.

"This is a big, big theft. It's not your average shoplift, obviously. So this is by far, the biggest I've seen since I've been here," said Matt Morgan, with IMPD southwest district.
Depending on the size bottle, Hennessy Cognac, distilled in France, sells for $30 to $75 a bottle.

The container shipment was scheduled for delivery at Southern Wine and Spirits in Greenwood, a distributorship with warehouses in 28 other states.

"There is a very limited base of people who knew what was in this particular container, so either someone knew or these guys just hit an absolute jackpot," Morgan said.

More than likely, the Cognac is headed for the black market.

"People are bold and brazen, and if they can make a buck, they're going to try it," said Sean Duffy, with Kahn's Fine Wine and Spirits. "That's a big one, because now they're stealing containers and not trucks."

The company has offered a reward for information leading to the return of their cognac and the apprehension of the suspects involved.

Sources familiar with the investigation say this is the fourth container heist of alcohol destined for Southern Wine and Spirits.

Two containers of high-end vodka disappeared in Chicago and a container of wine was stolen in Florida.

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