Police: Indiana University student dies in dorm

Abigail Bott's body found inside McNutt Quad dorm

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Authorities investigated the death of an Indiana University student this weekend and students headed back to classes with heavy hearts Monday morning as they mourned the loss of their classmate.

Officials with the Indiana University Police Department said Abigail Bott,18, died at her residence in the McNutt Quad dorm. Monday it was determined her death was not a homicide, however police said they still don't know how she died. 

The teen, who hailed from Chicago, is the second to die at the Bloomington campus this year. In late August, 19-year-old Rachael Fiege died after she fell down a flight of stairs at a party. Bott's body was found in a room at McNutt Quadrangle, a residence hall where she lived.

"It's sad to me, because it's already a tough enough time on parents when their babies go off to college," IU freshman Becca Wade said. "And then they get that phone call that no parent needs, and it's heartbreaking. Life is changed forever."

IU officials said Bott had a twin sister that also attends the university. It's unclear whether Bott was alone or with other students before she died.

"Any given year, we lose 10 to 12 students for a variety of reasons, but if you think about that, we're a community of over 40,000 people, so we're going to have some tragedies and we regret every one of them," IU Dean of Students Pete Goldsmith said.

Numerous students commented on Twitter that they are praying for Bott and her family.

Police didn't release details on who found Bott's body, when she was last seen alive or what may have caused her death. Investigators said it could be weeks before her friends and family have an answer as to why she died. They said although her death does not appear suspicious, they are conducting a full investigation.

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