Police launch child sexual abuse investigation after aunt reports post on niece's Facebook wall

Woman calls police after reading niece's wall

INDIANAPOLIS - Police have launched a sexual abuse investigation after a woman read startling messages on her 13-year-old niece's Facebook feed.

The girl was sending messages back and forth with a friend when her aunt reported to police that she found a message on the wall about the niece having been molested by a relative.

In a report filed Tuesday with Indianapolis police, the aunt told officers she started sending private messages to the girl to find out more about the abuse.

The family lives in a west Indianapolis neighborhood near Washington Street and North Belmont Avenue, where police were called to begin their investigation.

The 47-year-old aunt said that the niece revealed in private messages on Facebook that the abuse occurred twice approximately two years earlier, starting when the girl was 11 years old.

The teenage girl said both incidents happened while she was spending the night at the relative's family home.

In one message provided to police the girl wrote, "1st time was outside in the back yard when (we were playing with the suspect's son on a) playground thing n he came out when everyone was inside," according to the report.

Next on the report, the girl messaged her aunt, "The 2nd time we were all asleep when he went into room and we were all asleep till I woke up to him touching me," police wrote.

The girl then sent a message to her aunt, saying she had reported the abuse to her mother but nothing was done about it. The report reflects that the aunt's husband is the brother of the victim's mother.

The brother of the victim's mother ended up calling police after overhearing his wife speaking to the 13-year-old girl on the phone. He told police he overheard his wife asking the girl why she was telling others about the abuse at this point.

He told police that he mentioned the abuse to his sister, the child's mother. He then called police because he said his own child had been molested by someone else back in 2000. He told police that he was not going to sit back and let it happen to someone else.

The police report lists the relative, who is suspected of carrying out the abuse, as a 44-year-old man who has four children of his own, including three boys and a girl.

No charges were immediately filed as IMPD detectives started gathering evidence in the case.

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