Police: Man dies jumping out of truck bed, 2 arrested

Josh Hewett, 31, sustained fatal head injury

FRANKLIN, Ind. - A Franklin man died Friday morning after jumping out of the back of a moving pickup truck, Johnson County police said.

The man, later identified as 31-year-old Josh Hewett, was riding in the back of a 1989 Dodge pickup truck when he told the driver and passenger in the truck's cab that he was going to jump out, police said.

The people in the cab -- Jeffrey J. Kern, 33, and Dana McKie, 25 -- told police they looked back and didn't see Hewett in the truck anymore, so they went back to find him.

The two told police they found Hewett dead off the shoulder of the road, near Greensburg Road and County Road 450 East in Needham Township.

Kern and McKie were both arrested Friday on DUI charges, police said.

Kern was driving, but he refused a breath test at the scene, police said. Officers obtained a warrant for a blood test, and the sample has been sent off. 

McKie, who was the passenger at the time of the incident, blew a .08 blood alcohol content on a breath test, police said.

A Johnson County Sheriff's Department spokesman said investigators have information that both McKie and Kern drove the truck at "various stages of this incident."

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