Police: Man suspected of DUI arrested after chase, fight with girlfriend

Nicholas Perry taken to Johnson County Jail

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - A man was arrested on several charges early Tuesday after he was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol after a fight with his girlfriend and a police chase, officials in Johnson County said.

Just after 2:30 a.m., a Johnson County sheriff's deputy said he spotted a speeding car driving west on County Line Road. When the deputy pulled the driver over near State Road 37, the deputy said he saw the driver throw a plastic cup from the window. 

When the driver eventually stopped, the deputy said asked the driver to show his license and registration, but the driver appeared to reach for documents before speeding off, running over the deputy's foot, police said.

After a short chase on the south side of Marion County, the driver eventually stopped near Old Raymond Street, police said.

When officers began to approach the car, they said the driver rolled up his window and refused to get out and had to be pulled from the car.

Police said the driver, Nicholas Perry, 25, told officers that he fled police because he just wanted to get home after visiting his girlfriend. Perry said they had been fighting and the cup he threw from the window contained vodka.

Perry's breath smelled of alcohol, his speech was slurred and that he couldn't keep his balance, officers said. 

Police said they checked on Perry's girlfriend and she was not harmed.

Perry's blood alcohol level tested at 0.13 percent, police said. He was taken into custody at the Johnson County Jail on several charges, including resisting law enforcement and driving under the influence.

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