Police: New Castle man jailed after spitting blood into officer's face, mouth

NEW CASTLE, Ind. - Among several other charges, a man faces a battery-by-bodily-waste charge after spitting blood (possibly tainted with Hepatitis) in an officer's face recently, police confirmed.

New Castle Police Department (NCPD) documents allege that just after 5:30 a.m. April 12, officers were called to the 2200 block of Broad Street on a report of a fight.

Witnesses told responding officers that a person involved in the fight, Anthony J. Hopkins, 27, had run away before police had arrived. One of the witnesses said they had feared for their life during the exchange with Hopkins, and officers on the scene said there was plenty of evidence that a fight had occurred.

During the investigation, however, officers said they suddenly heard noises coming from below the home, where witnesses confirmed there was a basement.

A sheriff's deputy on the scene grabbed his K-9 unit, and the deputy and the dog soon discovered Hopkins hiding near a crawl space in the basement. The deputy said Hopkins refused to cooperate when he was found.

Investigators said Hopkins fought his arresting officers tooth and nail while being put into handcuffs.

Then, an officer said as he began to walk Hopkins up the basement stairs, Hopkins became even more irate, trying to push the officer down the stairs.

Police said Hopkins then turned around, spit blood onto the officer's face and into his mouth, and said, "(Expletive) you, I hope you die."

During the exchange, Hopkins and the officer ended up falling down the stairs. After other officers helped regain control over Hopkins, they were able to get him outside.

But he continued to be violent, investigators said. Police reported that Hopkins continued to scream obscenities at the officers, and yelled, "You know I have Hep C" while spitting blood on the back of a patrol car.

Police said Hopkins continued to hurl obscenities, even at the medics who were attempting to help him with his wounds.

Once in the back of the patrol car, Hopkins reportedly kept up his taunting of the officer whose face he spit in.

"I hope you get Hep C and give it to your wife and kids," Hopkins reportedly said. "Once I get out of here I'm going to kill you and your family..."

After telling Hopkins to calm down and stay silent multiple times, the officer advised Hopkins that he'd now also be facing a preliminary charge of intimidation, a Class D felony.

It was later revealed through a portable breath test that Hopkins blew a 0.16-percent blood-alcohol content, police said.

Altogether, Hopkins was preliminarily charged with battery by bodily waste, a Class C felony; intimidation, a Class D felony; resisting law enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor; and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor.

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