Police: No charges for U.S. Marshal who shot small dog

Owner says dog was on leash, in harness

FISHERS, Ind. - No charges will be filed against a U.S. Marshal who shot a dog, Fishers Police said.

Police said William Brown shot a small dog Tuesday in the Deer Brook Apartments complex, but investigators determined Brown acted in self-defense.

Officers were dispatched to the complex just before midnight Tuesday after receiving a call about shots fired in the area. Police said Brown also called to report he had shot a dog.

Brown told police that a barking dog charged him from behind a bush as he was walking from the parking lot to his apartment. Brown said he back peddled, but the dog continued to charge and try to bite him, so he shot at it, police said.

The dog's owner, Deborah Twitty, said her mother was taking Twitty's two dogs out for a walk when the shooting happened.

Twitty's mother, Patricia McConnell, said the dog who was shot, named Reese, was wearing a harness attached to a retractable leash.

McConnell said Reese ran around the corner of the apartment building and started barking, then the shots were fired.

Reese was taken to a local animal hospital with a gunshot wound to her front left leg and a fracture to her back left leg, police said. Reese is expected to recover from her injuries. 

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