Police say man took under dress shots of 11-year-old girl, 21-year-old woman at Wal-Mart

Man faces voyeurism charges

INDIANAPOLIS - A man was arrested on voyeurism charges Thursday after he appeared to take pictures or video of a woman and an 11-year-old girl from under their dresses at a Wal-Mart.

Shawn Dean, 37, of Indianapolis, was arrested shortly after an employee at the Walmart at 4545 Lafayette Road called police to the store. The employee said she saw Dean pull out his phone and lean around to take pictures or video of the girl from under her dress. Police said Dean was then allegedly seen taking pictures or video of a 21-year-old woman from under her dress.

Kimberly Minor, the mother of one of the victims, is a detective at IUPUI.

"I was shocked," Minor said, "[but] not too much surprised, because I know it happens."

Minor and her daughter were shopping inside the store Thursday looking for items in the housewares section. Minor said Dean caught her daughter's attention when the girl noticed something odd.

"She noticed that he was just looking at a blank shelf, and it caught her attention because she noticed it was blank," Minor said.

Minor said it was moments later that store security approached them.

"I'm on the aisle maybe three feet away from her and we had loss prevention come up and asked me to come to the office because they had viewed on camera a man taking pictures under my daughter's skirt," Minor said.

Fortunately, Minor said her daughter is alright after the incident.

"She's a trooper," Minor said. "She's handling it very well."

Minor and the 21-year-old woman both told police they want to press charges against Dean.

"We're definitely going to prosecute and follow it through as far as possible," Minor said.

Police said they have access to store surveillance video of Dean's actions and two phones he had in the store were being held as evidence.

Dean was previously arrested in 2008 after allegedly exposing himself at a Kohl's department store in Anderson.

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