Police seek information about bulldog found with gunshot wounds

Dog expected to fully recover

WESTFIELD, Ind. - A dog who was shot and left for dead went home with a foster parent Thursday night, as Westfield Police continue to search for the person responsible for shooting the dog.

Police were dispatched to the 16700 block of Eagletown Road Jan. 30 on a call of a stray dog that appeared in poor health.

The dog, dubbed "Cupid," was taken to the Human Society for Hamilton County then transferred to Parkside Animal Hospital in Fishers, where Dr. Craig Johnson discovered the dog had been shot twice with a small caliber handgun.

"He's remarkably lucky to be alive," Johnson said. "There was a gun shot that entered his left chest and went down, and that's where this bullet lodged."

Johnson said the second bullet entered Cupid's right shoulder and exited out of his back chest wall.

Cupid, an American bulldog, is expected to make a full recovery. Johnson said he was already doing well after waking up from surgery.

"When he woke up, he was ready to eat and stayed here for three days and then walked out wagging his tail," Johnson said.

Cupid was taken back to the Humane Society to await adoption and put on some weight with the help of Wendy's hamburgers.

"He prefers Wendy's, he does, he likes Wendy's hamburgers and the staff has been making sure he gets plenty of them," said Rebecca Stevens, with the Humane Society.

Chris Wickman volunteered to provide a foster home for Cupid while he waits for his forever family.

"I like dogs and I figured this was a nice first step before just straight adoption," Wickman said. "I figured I could help a few dogs out first." 

Police are asking for information about the crime and are also searching for the dog's previous owner.

Cupid had no collar and does not have a microchip.

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