Police: Shots fired result in 1 injury at golf course

Police have not named any suspects

GREENWOOD, Ind. - Police are investigating an incident of shots fired that left one woman slightly injured early Saturday morning at the clubhouse of the Walnut Ridge Golf Course.

Police responded to the chaotic scene just before 2 a.m. in the 1800 block of Morgantown Road.

When police arrived to the scene, 30-40 vehicles were trying to leave the parking lot in a frantic manner, police said.

Security guards who were hired for the event said they needed a paramedic for a victim who was identified as Tyeisha Petty, police said.

Police confirmed that Petty had a superficial wound to the side of her head, possibly from a bullet graze or from the shattering of glass from a car window.

Police said Petty was sitting on the passenger side of a vehicle and said she was on her phone and did not see where the shots came from.

The driver of that vehicle told police she thought one gunman was on top of a vehicle while firing, police said.

The security guards and an additional employee said they believed there were at least 20 shots fired in the parking lot.

Officers swept the crowd for weapons but none were found.

Once the scene was under control, police moved the 44 remaining party goers to the clubhouse to be identified as possible suspects and witnesses, police said.

Police said the group was very uncooperative and unwilling to assist in identifying any of the suspects.

They were released after the scene investigation was complete.

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