Police Officer Support Team works overtime in wake of officer shootings

Teams offer support during stressful times

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Police Officer Support Team has been working overtime recently as two officers were shot, one fatally, in the span of less than a week.

POST is made up of officers who understand police need the emotional support. They make sure to be there for officers and their families during tragedies and stressful times.

When IMPD Officer Gregory Stevens was shot in the leg early Tuesday morning, POST was activated within minutes.

POST was also at Wishard Memorial Hospital last Friday morning with dozens of other police officers when IMPD Officer Rod Bradway was pronounced dead.

"We're all tired. I've gotten probably three hours of sleep the last several nights and it's just when is this going to end is what everybody is asking," POST Coordinator Sgt. Ron Brezik said. "Of course an officer being killed in the line of duty, that's the ultimate stresser for officers. We had an officer shot last night, that's another stresser combining the two."

Unfortunately, both officers with POST and Indiana's Fraternal Order of Police Critical Incident Memorial Team have experience with tragedies.

The FOP Critical Incident Memorial Team works with the police department to carry out the wishes of families who are planning a funeral for a fallen officer.

"I have some team members that keep track of how many times they've been activated for a line of duty death. I unfortunately don't want to know because once is too many," FOP Critical Incident Memorial Team Chairman Joe Hamer said.

Organizers expect Officer Bradway’s funeral to be on a similar scale as Officer David Moore’s funeral in 2011.

Two and half years later, Moore's father, Spencer Moore, is now part of the POST team working with Bradway's widow.

"It's a difficult time for them. Jamie, the wife, is trying to sort things out and trying realize that she's going to have to raise her two kids by herself…it's just very difficult," Moore said.

The support doesn't stop after the funeral; the officers who volunteer their time said they will be there for the survivors for the rest of their lives.

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