City officials unveil business plan to combat violent crime in Indianapolis

New model identifies early offenders, at-risk kids

INDIANAPOLIS - City officials will make a major shift away from their current policing model and will instead take a business approach to fighting violent crime in Indianapolis.

Mayor Greg Ballard expressed his concerns about the increase in violent crime across Indianapolis, so public safety officials announced the most sweeping approach to dealing with violent crime, perhaps ever.

"Victims of crime and their families, their lives are altered because of violent crime. Future generations are altered by violent crime. That's also the same for these offenders," said Public Safety Director Troy Riggs.

The Department of Public Safety plans a top-to-bottom review of all crime.

"When we were looking at non-fatal shootings, shots-fired runs, and we saw multiple calls for service, same dwellings, same neighborhoods over time. And we were able to pinpoint five ZIP codes that have those issues. And we recognized that it was time to call in all our partners," said Chief Rick Hite, with Metro Police.

Twelve different efficiency committees will review diverse issues like gun laws and gun crimes, child abuse, domestic violence and even the impact of mental illness in the community.

The new model for addressing violent crime will try to identify early offenders and youth at risk. It will offer a wide range of social services, while offering harsh treatment for repeat offenders.

"I think this is what we really have to do. We have to involve everybody in the city, social service agencies, the courts, the law enforcement community and the faith-based community in addressing the problem," said Rev. Charles Harrison, president of the Ten Point Coalition.

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