Police: Use care when using Craigslist

Recent robberies and murders linked to site

INDIANAPOLIS - After a Pennsylvania couple allegedly murdered a man they met off Craigslist this week, police are advising caution when buying or selling items on the popular site.

Indianapolis resident Steve Brown said he's always cautious about his sales, even though he frequently uses Craigslist. Brown was even hesitant to meet us in a marked news vehicle.

"With Craigslist, it's kind of like going to a garage sale," Brown said. "Sometimes you may find a great deal at a garage sale, but then when you get home and plug it in you find out it doesn't work."

After hearing about recent robberies and murders connected to Craigslist, Brown says he's reconsidering using the site.

Brother Tryon Kincade, 19, and Tyshaune Kincade, 18, are facing charges for allegedly killing and robbing Indiana National Guardsman Sgt. James Vester on Wednesday.

Police say Vester came to the Wyckford Commons apartment complex in Indianapolis answering a Craigslist ad about an iPad. Friends say it was intended as a gift for his parents.

"It makes you nervous. It makes my wife nervous and it's made me reconsider how I do business when I operate on Craigslist," Brown said.

Authorities recommend taking someone with you before buying or selling something to a stranger. They also suggest going to a busy public place, like a mall or police or fire station, and asking for ID.

"There's no bargain out there that's worth your life," Brown said. "There's no bargain out there that's worth getting robbed or ripped off."

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