Police: Wife discovers video her husband recorded with camera hidden in children's bathroom

Justin Briggs, 27, facing federal charges

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - A mug shot has been released as new details emerge about the Noblesville man accused of planting a hidden camera inside a children's bathroom.

The Call 6 Investigators broke the story of Justin Briggs, 27, being arrested after his wife discovered images and videos of a 15-year-old girl on his work computer, police said.

His Facebook page, which was confirmed by his wife, proclaims, "My kids are my life."

Briggs has two young children who lived in his home, but neither child is included in the videos or photos that were turned over to police, according to court filings in Hamilton County Superior Court.

Briggs has two young children with his wife, Ginger Briggs, who ended up turning him in, but neither child is included in the videos or photos that were turned over to police, according to court records filed in Hamilton County Superior Court.

Ginger Briggs told Call 6 Investigators she found approximately 75 pictures and four videos of a local 15-year-old girl.  

The girl was recorded while undressing and showering at a bathroom that police said was only used by local children.

"Once something like this has been crossed, it’s hard to go back to your normal," Ginger Briggs said. "I'm questioning everybody now. I don't trust."

She said she needed to use her husband's laptop to print a document at their Noblesville home, when she happened to stumble on the images on his laptop. She said she immediately headed in to the Noblesville Police station with the computer and a flash drive, saying her instincts as a mother kicked in.

"You have to be the parent. You have to do the right thing," she said.

Justin Briggs is now locked up at the Marion County Jail awaiting federal charges.  

Noblesville police declined to comment on the case because he is in federal custody, but the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana is declining to release any details of its case.

Ginger Briggs said she was introduced to Justin Briggs by a friend and  thatthe couple has been married for four years.

Justin listed himself as the owner of a home remodeling business known as "Everything Remodeling of Indiana. Various pictures of kitchens and other home remodeling work are displayed on the company’s web site.

On his Facebook page, where 53 friends are listed, Justin posted that he is a graduate of Mount Vernon High School in Fortville. His status was listed as divorced prior to his arrest.

His wife said Justin had asked for a divorce on Oct. 23 of last year, but then decided to reconcile last month.  Ginger Briggs said she filed papers to put the divorce proceedings on hold on Dec.10, but then stumbled on the pictures and videos of the teenage girl just two days later.

She said the divorce has been reinstated.  

"He was not the person I thought," she said, adding that she is now undergoing counseling.

She said she has gotten rid of all family photos that included her husband. 

"I haven’t spoken to him since I found the videos. I was angry," she said.

After Ginger Briggs took the computer and flash drive to Noblesville Police, Justin Briggs began sending text messages to her, officers wrote in their search warrant.

"Please don’t do this," read one of the messages transcribed in the search warrant.

"Im sorry.  Im sick," read another.

"I’ve ruined someones life and mine.  Im sorry im a monster," read another text contained in the search warrant.

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