Poll: Congress less popular than lice, cockroaches, Brussel sprouts and Nickelback

Poll shows Americans are disappointed

WASHINGTON - What do lice, Brussel sprouts, cockroaches, traffic jams and Nickelback all have in common? According to a new public poll they currently rank higher than Congress in popularity.

It's no surprise Congress has remained under the scrutiny of the public eye, and now a new poll shows just how much Americans are disappointed with their elected officials.

Public Policy Polling conducted a national survey that tested the popularity of 26 different items against Congress. During the course of the survey participants were asked which items they favored; the answers were either the item, Congress, or 'not sure'.

According to the website , 830 Americans were surveyed over the phone from Jan. 3-6 of this year. PPP states the margin of error is +/-3.4 percent and the study was not paid for by a campaign or political organization.

In a majority of the cases, Congress ranked the lowest.
The results are listed below based on the question, "Which do you have a higher opinion of?"
Congress 45 percent, Telemarketers 35 percent
Congress 45 percent, John Edwards 29 percent
Congress 32 percent, Root canals 56 percent
Congress 29 percent, NFL replacement refs 56 percent
Congress 19 percent, Lice 67 percent
Congress 49 percent, Kardashians 36 percent
Congress 32 percent, Nickelback 39 percent
Congress 48 percent, Lobbyists 30 percent
Congress 61 percent, North Korea 26 percent
Congress 53 percent, Ebola 25 percent
Congress 45 percent, Lindsey Lohan 41 percent
Congress 31 percent, Colonoscopies 58 percent
Congress 54 percent, Fidel Castro 32 percent
Congress 34 percent, Washington D.C. and political pundits 37 percent
Congress 31 percent, Carnies 39 percent
Congress 34 percent, Traffic jam 56 percent
Congress 43 percent, Cockroaches 45 percent
Congress 43 percent, Playground bullies 38 percent
Congress 42 percent, Donald Trump 44 percent
Congress 60 percent, Meth labs 21 percent
Congress 37 percent, France 46 percent
Congress 37 percent, Genghis Khan 41 percent
Congress 57 percent, Communism 23 percent
Congress 32 percent, used car salesman 47 percent
Congress 53 percent, Gonorrhea 28 percent
Congress 23 percent, Brussel sprouts 69

To view the entire survey visit: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2013/01/congress-somewhere-below-cockroaches-traffic-jams-and-nickleback-in-americans-esteem.html .


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