Pothole reports rise across Indy after heavy snow, harsh cold

INDIANAPOLIS - As the snow continues melting away in Indianapolis, its lasting mark becomes apparent on the city: potholes.

One pothole in particular caught dozens of drivers by surprise, with a "graveyard" of hubcaps left in a pile of snow nearby as a warning to others.

"At night, you couldn't see it," said pothole victim Murvin Enders. "The black top and the water from snow melting, the rain, or whatever ... you just couldn't see it."

Enders had to watch his car being towed away from near the intersection of West 86th Street and Mercer Road after a pothole flattened his tires and damaged his rims. And he wasn't alone.

"Within 10 minutes of when we hit it, there were five other cars that had the same experience," Enders said.

Twenty-four hours later, Kari Simmons hit the same pothole while driving with her three small children.

"My 7-year-old said, 'Oh my goodness! Good thing we had our seatbelts on! What did you hit mommy?'" Simmons said. "I said I didn't hit anything. We hit a big hole and you couldn't see it in the dark at all."

Indianapolis residents have reported potholes across the city after last week's storm. The INDOT pothole tracker showed more than 500 open reports as of Sunday night.

The city does reimburse some pothole damage if an investigation finds negligence on the part of municipal officials.

The pothole at 86th Street and Mercer Road was filled Sunday evening, but if you know of a pothole, you can report it here: http://bit.ly/KLfaWo.

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