Unknown names, lesser-known races fill most of ballot

Relative unknowns will compete for votes

INDIANAPOLIS - At the polls Tuesday, voters will be confronted with a long list of candidates, most of whom they've probably never heard of.

Most voters know about the candidates for president, U.S. Senate, governor and U.S. House and will have no problem checking a box on Election Day.

But what about some lesser-known names and races on the ballot, such as Indiana General Assembly, county judges, county offices, school board races, three state judges?

It's not too late to bone up on these people and make an intelligent choice, but Marion County Clerk Beth White said it's OK to leave a race blank, too.

"If they don't know anything about them, I would encourage the voters to leave them blank," said White. "If they can leave them blank, they can do that if they want to. But if they want to know more, the Supreme Court has websites where we can find out about the judges and what their background is, how long they've been judges and that sort of thing. But those are also on the back."

Based on conversations with early voters at the City-County Building, it's the judicial retention vote that really throws most people.

"Whether we would choose to keep in some of the judges and Supreme Court officials that we have. I wasn't aware of that one," said one voter.

"There was no mention of it anywhere in any kind of voting polls or online when you looked at anything, or even any kind of ads at all," said another voter.

One of those state judicial races, voters might have heard about.

Supreme Court Justice Steven David is in hot water with some voters because he wrote the opinion striking down the so-called Right to Resist law until the legislature re-enacted it.

And don't forget that in some areas, there are issues on the ballot.

Most prominent around central Indiana is that double-barreled question in Fishers about whether to merge with Fall Creek Township or become a city.

And finally, remember that a straight-party vote doesn't register with the school board races and the judicial retention vote, which are non-partisan. Those must be marked separately.

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