Proposed bill would help military paramedics transfer certification

Bill passed committee vote Tuesday

INDIANAPOLIS - A new effort is underway to bring more EMTs and paramedics to the Hoosier state.             

Freshman lawmaker Rep. Dan Forestal, D-Indianapolis, told RTV6 the answer is military servicemen and servicewomen.
He authored legislation, House Bill 1486, that will make it easier for Hoosier veterans trained as EMTs and paramedics to use those skills when they return from service.
“The intent of the bill is to make sure the pathway is clear and easier for veterans to return to work,” said Forestal to RTV6. “Hopefully we can get these veterans back to work and doing what they do, which is serving the country, and this is a bill that works toward that end.”
Forestal got the idea while campaigning door to door and heard from veterans who were forced to repeat months of training to do civilian work in Indiana.
Tuesday morning, the bill unanimously passed the House Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committee.
Members of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and Indiana Fraternal Order of Police voiced their support of the legislation.
“My feeling is if they can serve as EMTs or paramedics in a combat situation, they can do it in Indianapolis,” said Forestal.

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