Prosecutor in Bisard case secretly taped

Court also ruled blood vial can be used

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Testimony at a pretrial hearing revealed that police secretly taped conversations of the lead prosecutor in the case of former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer David Bisard.

An Allen County judge ruled that a vial of blood can be used in Bisard's prosecution, but that was only one revelation revealed in a Fort Wayne courtroom Wednesday.

Testimony revealed that lead Prosecutor Denise Robinson had been secretly taped, once on the phone and once during an interview in her office by police.

Sgt. Dawn Higgins was the common thread in each instance, but it was not known if she actually did the taping.

“I can't say it was sabotage. I'm not going to say that. Certainly in 20 years of being a prosecutor, I've never heard of this happening, and it has never happened to me," Robinson said.

It wasn’t made clear exactly why the taping occurred, but Aaron Wells, whose son Eric was killed when Bisard's car ran into him in August of 2010, thinks some officers didn't want Bisard convicted.

"Do I believe there was some obstruction of justice from the beginning by a group of IMPD officers? Yes. Does that mean the entire department is bad? No,” Wells said.

Former Public Safety Director Frank Straub also entered into the scenario.

Sgt Kevin Wethington testified that Straub ordered him to capture all the emails of former police Chief Paul Ciesielski.

Judge John Surbeck said this case will not be about a wide-ranging criticism of IMPD. He said it will be about whether Bisard committed a crime.

Wethington also testified that a former attorney for the Department of Public Safety, Ellen Corcella, ordered him to go to the Internal Affairs Office to secure and remove the entire Bisard file.

He said the file was delivered to Corcella’s office.

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