Prosecutors say argument over trash prompted Eric Bowman to kill his mother

Disturbing details of fatal shooting released

INDIANAPOLIS - A man told his mother he was going to "blow her {expletive} head off" after a heated argument over taking out the trash before following through with his threat and fatally shooting her, Marion County prosecutors said.

A probable cause affidavit released Thursday in the shooting death Monday of Paula Day, 54, in the 6000 block of Nolte Street revealed disturbing details about the case.

Eric Bowman, 36, was charged with murder late Wednesday and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

Detectives interviewed Bowman's girlfriend, Cameron Doyle, who told them that an argument over trash escalated.

"Eric told his mom that he was going to 'blow her {expletive} head off,' and he went into the living room and grabbed his .45-caliber gun and went around the corner," part of the probable cause affidavit read. "Cameron was screaming at Eric 'no' repeatedly, and then she heard approximately three shots."

Doyle told investigators that Bowman then came into the living room and told her he was leaving to "go kill himself" before driving away.

Bowman's grandmother, Fannie Lafary, corroborated Doyle's statement to police. She said Day told Bowman "go ahead," after Bowman made the statement that he was going to kill her.

"She then heard approximately four gunshots. She looked out the bathroom door, saw her daughter on the ground and looked outside and saw Eric out on the porch. Ms. Lafary then immediately called 911," the probable cause affidavit read.

Prosecutors said Bowman admitted killing his mom, shooting her in the face, and immediately knew she was dead.

Bowman said he drove to Morgan County, where he encountered Christopher Hester, town marshal in Brooklyn.

"Hester said he was in the police station when Bowman came in and pointed his .45-caliber gun at Hester and said, 'I just killed my mom in Indianapolis,'" prosecutors said. "Then, Bowman put his gun to his head."

Prosecutors said Bowman walked out of the police station and was confronted again by Hester.

"Marshal Hester stated Bowman pointed the gun at Hester, and Hester drew his service weapon and shot Bowman once in the left thigh," the probable cause affidavit read. "Bowman was apprehended and later transported to Wishard (Memorial Hospital)."

An autopsy indicated that Day was shot in the abdomen and the head.

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