Purdue releases security review after Jan. campus shooting

Daniels expected to address proposals Wednesday

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue University released a security review after the Jan. 21 on-campus shooting that left 21-year-old Andrew Boldt dead.

The review released on Tuesday asked what Purdue could have done differently to prevent the shooting and what it can do to prevent future tragedies.

One proposal up for consideration is to make classroom doors lockable from the inside to keep an intruder out. The campus has more than 41,000 doors and each lock would cost $500 per door.

Another recommendation is to make sure all building exterior doors are kept open so people can seek shelter.

When it comes to the text alert system, officials want the system to be "opt-out" instead of "opt-in," so more people on campus will be signed up to receive the emergency alerts.

One immediate action is to make sure professors know when to stop teaching classes during an emergency (some continued teaching during the alerts in January).

It was also recommended to have a greater awareness of mental health resources on campus.

"The event of Jan. 21 was a terrible tragedy on our campus and it caused us to stop for sober reflection and assessment of our normally safe community. The incident that prompted our evaluation was a case where one person targeted another and committed a vicious murder. None of the suggestions we received about sirens, text messages or door locks would have changed that," read a letter to President Mitch Daniels from Patricia Hart, chair, ad hoc panel to evaluate security feedback.

Daniels was expected to address the recommendations Wednesday morning. You can watch the address live online here.

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