Questions arise after loaded gun found in Kokomo classroom

School, police offer little information

KOKOMO, Ind. - People in Kokomo were shocked to learn what school officials found Friday morning inside the Kokomo Area Career Center, a vocational and technical school.
A source told RTV6 reporter Jack Rinehart that a student says he found a gun in the ceiling tiles at the career center and reported it to school officials. The student was taken to the office and questioned about the incident.

The Kokomo Tribune reported that students were playing with a tape measure that hit the ceiling, causing the loaded gun to fall to the ground.
A school spokesperson said no students were in danger during this incident but wouldn’t answer any other questions. It is still unknown who owns the gun, why it was in the school and how it got in the ceiling.
With so many questions still unanswered, parents were left with a lot of concern for the safety of their children at school.
RTV6 reached out to Kokomo Police but they said they will not release information about this case, saying it must come from the school.

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