Rally supports Ind. woman charged in baby death

INDIANAPOLIS - About 100 people turned out in downtown Indianapolis to chant slogans and wave signs demanding prosecutors drop charges against a woman charged with murdering her infant by eating rat poison while pregnant.

The crowd that clustered in front of the City Market Saturday was mostly female and included college students, reproductive rights activists and clergy who say Bei Bei Shuai shouldn't be charged with murder for a suicide attempt.

Supporters say Shuai should receive mental health treatment, not prison time, and this case impacts all women.

Shuai and her attorney said the growing support has made a difference.

"This is something we had no involvement in, but we're thrilled to death. When you suffer from depression, and you think you're alone, it's wonderful to know that there's people that care about you," said attorney Linda Pence.

"I will try my best to stay strong for every one of you and for all the pregnant women and all the men. I will try to be strong and hope one day I can do something for others," Shuai said.

Shuai was eight months pregnant when she ate rat poison in December 2010. The baby died three days after premature delivery. Prosecutors charged the Chinese immigrant with murder and attempted feticide the following March.

Shuai's trial is scheduled for Sept. 3. She's out of jail on bond.

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